San Antonio Welcomes Dunkin’ to Downtown Area

San Antonio downtown celebration.

San Antonio Welcomes Dunkin’ to Downtown Area

Downtown San Antonio is about to get a little sweeter with the upcoming opening of a new Dunkin’ restaurant in the heart of the city. The popular doughnut chain is set to launch its newest location on the first floor of the historic Travis Building, situated at the intersection of Travis and North St. Mary’s streets, a stone’s throw away from the iconic River Walk.

Exciting Arrival in August or September

Anticipation is building for the grand opening of the 1,200-square-foot Dunkin’ store, which is projected to welcome customers in August or September this year. Operating from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, the new location promises to offer the brand’s signature array of delicious doughnuts, beverages, and other popular menu items that fans love.

Job Opportunities and Parking Considerations

With plans to employ approximately 12-20 staff members, the new Dunkin’ restaurant will not only bring delectable treats to the downtown area but also create job opportunities for local residents. In addition, the company is actively working to secure parking accommodations for guests, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for visitors who want to indulge in Dunkin’s offerings.

Exciting Addition to San Antonio’s Culinary Scene

The arrival of Dunkin’ in downtown San Antonio marks a significant addition to the city’s culinary landscape, offering both residents and visitors a beloved destination to satisfy their cravings for fresh-brewed coffee, pastries, and more. As the brand continues to expand its footprint, the new location in the bustling Travis Building promises to become a popular spot for early risers, coffee enthusiasts, and doughnut aficionados alike.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As the opening of Dunkin’ in downtown San Antonio draws closer, eager patrons can look forward to experiencing a taste of Dunkin’s renowned menu in a vibrant urban setting. Keep an eye out for further details and announcements leading up to the exciting launch of this highly anticipated addition to the city’s culinary offerings.

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