San Antonio’s Gordon Hartman to be Featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s ‘Rad Dads’ Episode

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San Antonio’s Gordon Hartman to be Featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s ‘Rad Dads’ Episode

San Antonio entrepreneur Gordon Hartman, well-known for his contribution to the creation of the ultra-accessible theme park Morgan’s Wonderland, will be highlighted on an upcoming episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show for a special episode paying tribute to standout fathers, aptly titled “Rad Dads”.

This episode, set to air at 2 p.m. on Monday, 10th June, will honor Hartman’s remarkable determination and charitable efforts to build and maintain a space that ensures everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive capabilities, can enjoy the universal thrill of a theme park.

Accomplishing the Extraordinary for the Specially-abled

After making his mark as a successful homebuilder, Hartman was inspired to envision Morgan’s Wonderland following a poignant incident during a family vacation. His daughter, Morgan Hartman, who has special needs, was excluded from a group of children due to their hesitation to involve her in their play. Witnessing this exclusion motivated Hartman to think bigger and to create an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of disability.

In honor of his daughter, Hartman launched Morgan’s Wonderland, a one-of-a-kind, ultra-accessible theme park, in 2010. The park, which admits anyone with a special need free of charge, provides a haven of fun and entertainment where attractions and rides are designed to be enjoyed by people with or without disabilities, emphasizing equal participation and interaction among all its visitors.

Morgan’s Wonderland: A Paradise of Inclusivity

Morgan’s Wonderland’s rich variety of offerings includes wheelchair-accessible rides, calming areas tailored for those needing a quiet respite from the bustling excitement, and a unique water park named ‘Morgan’s Inspiration Island’. Also notable is the park’s splashy centrepiece, a seven-story lighthouse that offers panoramic views of the park and the surrounding landscape.

Emphasizing Equality and Inclusivity

In showcasing Hartman’s successful efforts to build and maintain Morgan’s Wonderland, The Kelly Clarkson Show highlights the urgent need for equality and inclusivity in entertainment venues. The episode will undoubtedly draw attention to the many challenges that individuals with special needs face and how more such inclusive spaces are necessary.

Airing on the week of Father’s Day, this special “Rad Dads” episode provides an excellent opportunity to honor fathers like Hartman, who, in his extraordinary efforts to create a miraculous world for his daughter and many others like her, is an inspiration and role model to us all.

Watch out for this uplifting episode and witness how one father’s love inspired a revolution of accessibility and inclusivity at the Morgan’s Wonderland theme park.

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