HEB Raises Over $16 Million in Annual Tournament of Champions for Charity

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H-E-B Raises Over $16 Million in Annual Tournament of Champions for Charity

H-E-B Raises Over $16 Million in Annual Tournament of Champions for Charity

Setting New Fundraising Record

In an impressive show of support for community causes in San Antonio, the H-E-B Tournament of Champions established a new record this year, raising over $16 million. The event, fueled by the efforts of more than 1,800 volunteers, has set the bar for future fundraising initiatives, speaking volumes about the commitment of San Antonio residents towards the betterment of their community.

Tournament of Champions: A Compassionate Endeavour

The H-E-B Tournament of Champions, in partnership with 600+ companies, has been instrumental in generating funds for non-profit organizations across the state of Texas. To date, the initiative has amasssed over $139 million. The latest figure marks a milestone, being the largest ever raised in the history of the tournament.

“We are humbled by this new fundraising record, the largest in the history of the H-E-B Tournament of Champions,” said Winell Herron, H-E-B Group Vice President of Public Affairs, Diversity and Environmental Affairs. “Each year, we’re amazed at the steadfast generosity of our suppliers, which allows us to provide much-needed support to nonprofit organizations across Texas.”

Dedicated Outreach: Eight Charity Worksites

The fundraising event unfolded between June 5 and June 7, providing a platform for suppliers, nonprofits, and volunteers to join hands in one of the city’s most significant days of service. It designated support to eight charity worksites, including the Healy-Murphy Center, Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, SAMMinistries, San Antonio Food Bank, Special Olympics Texas, Westside YMCA, and Home for Our Troops.

Adding to the list of good deeds, Homes Built for Heroes took the event as an opportunity to donate two homes to severely wounded military veterans, fostering a spirit of gratitude and respect for the sacrifices of our servicemen and servicewomen.

Focused Outreach

The H-E-B Tournament of Champions primarily emphasizes organizations that work with children, aiming to strengthen the community for the generations to come. The funds raised offer considerable reinforcement for programs that assist Texas families, ensuring community enrichment through shared effort and mutual support.

The resounding success of this year’s H-E-B Tournament of Champions sets a promising precedent for future fundraising efforts, serving as a testament to the community spirit of San Antonio residents and the power of collective action towards helping those in need.

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