Port San Antonio CEO Updates Innovation Center and StandardAero

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Port San Antonio CEO Updates Innovation Center and StandardAero

San Antonio, TX – Jim Perschbach, the President and CEO of Port San Antonio, provided an update on the port’s Innovation Tower and its partnership with StandardAero during a recent interview on Leading SA.

Innovation Tower: A Game-Changer in Workplace Design

According to Perschbach, the Innovation Tower is set to revolutionize how people work and collaborate. The state-of-the-art facility, currently under construction, will be a new office building that aims to incorporate the latest trends in workplace design. With a current vacancy rate of around 4% at Port SA and high demand from incoming companies, the Innovation Tower will feature modern amenities such as private bathrooms to facilitate connection, collaboration, and the development of leading-edge technologies.

StandardAero Partnership: Training the Next Generation

Perschbach highlighted the partnership with StandardAero, a company that specializes in manufacturing and overhauling jet engines. StandardAero also provides training programs for individuals with technical aptitude, offering hands-on training over 16 weeks while paying the participants. The goal is to develop the next generation of talent for the aerospace industry, with hundreds of open jobs available for program graduates. Perschbach emphasized the importance of building a skilled workforce to meet the growing demand in the industry.

Job Creation and Growth Prospects

Over the past six to seven years, Port San Antonio has seen strong job creation, with the addition of 8,000 new positions. However, Perschbach envisions even greater growth in the future, with plans to add another 12 to 18,000 jobs in San Antonio over the next seven to 10 years. Close collaboration with schools, nonprofits, and other partners is crucial to developing the local workforce and ensuring that residents can take advantage of these opportunities.

Exciting Aerospace Developments on the Horizon

In addition to job growth, Port San Antonio is at the forefront of exciting aerospace developments, including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, also known as “flying taxis.” Perschbach shared that regulatory work is underway to enable safe low-altitude operations for these innovative aircraft. Land clearing for infrastructure to support advanced air mobility is set to begin soon, paving the way for a new era in urban transportation.

Community Impact and Future Outlook

Perschbach emphasized that Port San Antonio’s expansion and partnerships with nonprofit and educational organizations will elevate the entire community. By working together to develop a skilled workforce and embrace cutting-edge technologies, Port San Antonio aims to position itself as a hub of innovation and economic growth that benefits the city as a whole.

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