Raul Meza: San Antonio Cold Case Possibly Connected to Suspected Serial Killer

Texas city crime scene.

Raul Meza: San Antonio Cold Case Possibly Connected to Suspected Serial Killer

San Antonio Police Investigate Possible Connection with Raul Meza

The San Antonio Police Department is currently investigating a cold case that may have ties to Raul Meza, a suspected serial killer in Travis County. A credible source from HERE NEWS revealed the potential link between the cold case and Meza’s criminal activities.

Background on Raul Meza

Raul Meza gained notoriety for the tragic murder of 8-year-old Kendra Page in 1982, leading to his incarceration. After serving 11 years in jail, he was granted parole. However, in May 2023, Meza confessed to the Austin Police Department about his involvement in the murder of Gloria Lofton in 2019 and his roommate Jesse Fraga the following year.

Recent Developments

During a court appearance in November, Raul Meza Jr. faced charges related to the murders of Lofton and Fraga. Authorities revealed that Meza provided crucial information about a double homicide in San Antonio, prompting further investigations into his potential connection to a series of unsolved murders.

Suspected Serial Killer

Law enforcement officials suspect that Raul Meza could be linked to as many as a dozen murders, with the possibility of additional cases being uncovered as the investigation progresses. The gravity of his alleged crimes has sparked concerns among communities affected by his reign of terror.

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