San Antonio Panel Approves New Airport Terminal Design

Airport Terminal Exterior Design

San Antonio Panel Approves New Airport Terminal Design

San Antonio Panel Approves New Airport Terminal Design

As part of an ongoing mission to transform San Antonio International Airport into a world-class aviation hub, the city’s historic and design review commission has granted its approval for the design plans of a new terminal. This advanced move signifies an important step towards the realization of a multiyear expansion and improvement initiative at the airport.

The Big Picture

On June 28, the city’s historic and design review commission provided its nod to the conceptual design for the planned third terminal at the airport. This terminal will feature an addition of 18 gates at the north-side facility, three of which are set to accommodate wide-body aircraft.

The planned Terminal C is an essential part of the expansion planned for the airport, which will see several significant changes. These include the reconfigurations of the existing terminals- Terminal A and Terminal B, the construction of a connector between the two terminals, enhancement of airport roadway and curbsides, and other substantial improvements.

According to city officials, these sophisticated enhancements aim to deal with the escalating number of air travelers, cater to their increasing demands, and transmit the image of San Antonio as a world-class, culturally rich entry point for air passengers.

A Closer Look

As part of the airport improvement plans, seven demolition projects are set to proceed. This includes: the razing of an existing badging identification office, hangar 4, a present San Antonio Police Department building, hangar 6, an airside operations building, and the ‘purple’ lot – an abandoned former employee parking lot that contains parking barriers, fencing, and parking control structures.

The areas cleared will make significant room for new construction activities including building a new parking garage and ground transportation center, expanding the overnight aircraft parking area, upgrading roadway and terminal construction activities.

Major Takeaways

A structural investigation concluded that out of all structures and areas, only Building 1322 – the old badging/ID office, was eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1963, this structure at the airport originally served as a terminal for business air travelers.

The Conservation Society of San Antonio officially expressed their objection against the demolition of Building 1322. Considering this opposition and after a long discussion in the meeting, the commission decided to preserve some of Building 1322’s materials and imitate its aesthetic in new construction projects where possible.

If this preservation action is not possible, the historical significance of Building 1322 would be formally noted with the Texas State Historical Association. The new Terminal C is expected to be fully operational by 2028.

Current activities at the airport include the construction of the new ground load facility, which is also part of the expansion at the airport. Commenced earlier this year, the construction of this facility is expected to be completed by mid-2025.

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