A new safety initiative looks to address what’s needed to help stop crime in San Antonio

Community crime prevention strategy.

A new safety initiative looks to address what’s needed to help stop crime in San Antonio

Citywide Initiative to Pinpoint and Rectify Root Causes of Crime in San Antonio Unveiled

In an earnest effort to curb crime rates in San Antonio, the Office of Integrated Community Safety has initiated a new safety program. This comprehensive initiative aims to locate and address the root causes of crimes throughout the city, thereby fostering a safer environment for the community.

The Safety Initiative in Motion

City Councilman for District Two, Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, the proponent of the initiative, explained how the new program is unique. It is designed to understand crime on a holistic level, through the lens of various city departments. The goal is to determine which programs are effective and where investment can be beneficial in crime prevention.

“In addition to the city’s goals, right in the city’s programs, this office is going to have a unique role to play in evaluating crime prevention. It will discern what programs work, and determine the investments we can make”, said Councilman McKee-Rodriguez.

The Scope of The New Safety Initiative

District Six Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda, the city’s public safety chair, pointed out that the program is not designed to merely respond to crimes but to scout out the reasons that lead to such occurrences.

“This initiative isn’t about just catching the bad guys in the act. It’s about the process that comes before the 911 call, before someone’s car gets broken into. It aims to understand why these crimes are perpetrated and to collect appropriate data to prevent similar occurrences in the future”, remarked Councilwoman Cabello Havrda.

What Lies Ahead

Work on the program is already in progress with data collection and analysis being a crucial part. Once the program has been deployed for a few months, the data gathered will be assessed to ascertain its effectiveness.

The team spearheading this initiative will comprise of eight members who are paid with taxpayer funds. However, these positions were already in existence, so the initiative requires no additional budget outlays.

The city of San Antonio is employing a more proactive approach to crime prevention, thereby hoping to provide a more secure environment for its residents.

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