SAISD Students to Transfer to Top-Choice Campuses Following School Closures

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SAISD Students to Transfer to Top-Choice Campuses Following School Closures

Most SAISD Students Set to Transfer to their Top-Choice Campuses Post School Closures

Massive Shift in School Enrollment Despite the Shutdown of 15 Campuses

The latest news from the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) indicates an ongoing shift in student enrollment despite the conclusive decision to shut down 15 school campuses and merge others. According to the district’s data, a whopping 94% of affected students were matched to their first-choice schools. All in all, an impressive 99% were paired with one of their top three school choices for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year.

A Close Eye on Potential Enrollment Loss

A number of parents, education advocates, and researchers expressed concerns during the school closure process last year. The fear was that the sudden closures, coupled with the growing number of charter schools in the region, might result in a significant drop in total student enrollment. A mid-February update to the SAISD board shown that every family impacted by the school closures has been reached; some have been contacted more than once. As of mid-February, approximately 77% of these families had selected new schools, with a good number choosing to continue with the district-designated school.

Enrollment Decline Amid Closure

Despite the district’s substantial efforts, about 280 students have indicated that they will not be returning to the district-leading to an expected enrollment decline. However, those deciding to stay were informed last week about their new school placements. A few technical hitches delayed notifications from reaching all families last week, but the district assured that these issues were resolved over the weekend.

High Match Rates with First-Choice Schools

A large number of families unaffected by the school closures opting for alternative schools were also matched with their first-choice campuses, with 95% being paired with their first-choice schools. Overall, 99% were matched with one of their top three choice schools.]

Continued Efforts for Successful Transition

The district continues to work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all students amid the school changes. The recent match rates reflect a significant step in achieving this objective. The San Antonio community remains hopeful and resilient, confident that the education of its young minds remains a top priority amid the changes.

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