San Antonio’s 8 Best Bars of 2024: Lifting the City’s Spirits

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San Antonio’s 8 Best Bars of 2024: Lifting the City’s Spirits | CultureMap San Antonio

San Antonio’s 8 Best Bars of 2024 are Lifting the City’s Spirits

March 5, 2024 | 5:15 pm | By Brandon Watson


In its glorious history of 300+ years, San Antonio has seen numerous drinking traditions come and go. However, one age-old tradition that remains popular is the concept of bars as tranquil hangouts to unwind and relax rather than places to boast and swagger. The establishments celebrating this tradition come in various forms—from upscale lounges to rugged honky-tonks—but all embody an all-too-rare element of comfort and warmth.

Against the backdrop of an industry swayed by influencers and extravagance, these bars work magic in delivering a fun yet laid-back night out. As we enter the year 2024, let’s raise a glass and toast to San Antonio’s eight best bars – each one exuding authenticity and effortless charm that makes the city’s nightlife scene vibrant and diverse. Visit these finalists and get ready to join the Tastemaker Awards ceremony on April 4 at the Briscoe Museum.

A Closer Look at the Nominees

Bar Loretta

Is Bar Loretta a restaurant serving strong drinks or a bar offering great food? Regardless of the answer, Bar Loretta has made its mark through its rich list of classic and original drinks, like the Dope as Me, a surprising blend of arugula and gin.

George’s Keep

This lounge, located within the Éilan Hotel, stands out among bars in north San Antonio as a pioneer in crafting a collection of individualistic drink options that defy the standard chain drinks.

Hands Down

Although it first appears as a fashionable wine bar, Hands Down serves as a town hub suitable for a First Friday hike, a cozy dance club, or a casual post-brunch haunt. It provides a space where patrons can simply be themselves.

Holy Diver

Located on the St. Mary’s strip, Holy Diver exemplifies the original simplicity of tiki bars through punchy drinks and chummy conviviality.

The Lonesome Rose

This St. Mary’s strip mainstay offers a welcoming environment to dominate the night scene. The bar honors the Texas honky-tonk tradition of neon lights and has a hospitable atmosphere, proving that “y’all means all.”

Sojourn Trading Co.

Sojourn Trading Co. represents a leap in the craft cocktail revolution, proposing new possibilities for drinking through its eclectic repertoire.

Three Star Bar

This Government Hill watering hole quashes dive bar stereotypes and serves classic cocktails without the fussiness typically associated with the mixology industry.

Tony’s Siesta

Tony’s Siesta, located near downtown, maintains the tradition of its predecessor while incorporating a modern touch with boozy aguas frescas.


San Antonio’s vibrant bar scene offers a range of establishments to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you prefer a sophisticated lounge, a laid-back tiki bar, or a lively honky-tonk, these eight bars reflect the city’s diverse, inviting, and spirited nightlife. Treat yourself to a visit and discover your new favorite watering hole.

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