San Antonio is the 3rd best U.S. city for Black professionals, report finds

Black professionals in San Antonio

San Antonio is the 3rd best U.S. city for Black professionals, report finds

By Amber Heckler | Published on March 1, 2024


In February, a new report compiled by Black employees at online rental marketplace Apartment List ranked San Antonio the No. 3 best U.S. city for Black professionals. The report analyzed 76 cities across various categories to determine the rankings.

Report Findings

The study highlighted several key points that contribute to San Antonio’s ranking:

  • San Antonio earned a score of 65.44 out of 100 points.
  • The city excelled in economic opportunity, housing opportunity, and community representation.
  • San Antonio’s high Black employment rate (94%) and median income for Black employees ($38,151) were commendable.

Black-Owned Businesses

The report also recognized local Black-owned businesses in San Antonio, such as Black Stallion Boxing Plus and Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine.

Education and Homeownership

San Antonio has a 31% share of Black graduates; however, the city needs to improve Black homeownership rates based on the report’s analysis.

Comparison with Other Texas Cities

Other Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin also received top rankings for Black professionals, demonstrating the state’s inclusivity and opportunities for career growth.


San Antonio’s recognition as the 3rd best city for Black professionals underscores the city’s commitment to diversity and economic empowerment. With a supportive business environment and thriving community representation, San Antonio continues to be a promising destination for Black individuals seeking professional success.

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