San Antonio Updates Dangerous Dog Registry with Photographs

Dog ID registry photos.

San Antonio Updates Dangerous Dog Registry with Photographs

The city of San Antonio has updated its Dangerous Dog Registry by adding photographs of the listed canines. With the added pictures, residents now have the chance to see visually what these dogs look like in order to better identify them in reality.

Enhancing Public Security

This registry update aims to enhance public security. Previously, the city had released the addresses of the registered dangerous dogs after an obligatory attorney general ruling but has now appended these animals’ photos. The primary goal of this extension is to assist in the reporting of any of these dogs if seen outside of their respective enclosures. Animal Care Services (ACS) can then respond accordingly, holding the owner accountable.

Continued Updates Anticipated

The ACS Director, Shannon Sims, stated last year that adding the pictures to the registry was always a part of the agenda. Understanding that a dangerous dog lives on your block is important, but being able to identify it visually from its photograph provides real value. ACS is determined to continually enhance the site, with more features likely to be unveiled in the future following the City’s legal review and rigorous testing of reporting and data systems.

Criteria for Inclusion

Not just any dog is eligible to appear on this map. According to state law and city code, a dog is classified as dangerous under the following circumstances:

  • The dog makes an unprovoked attack on a person which leads to bodily harm. This incident needs to have taken place outside of an enclosure that reasonably prevents the dog from leaving on its own.
  • It displays unprovoked aggression which causes individuals to reasonably believe that the dog will attack and cause bodily harm. These actions need to occur outside of an enclosure that reasonably prevents the dog from leaving on its own.

This registry serves as an essential part of the SAACS comprehensive Strategic Plan, which underlines Animal Care Services’ prime objectives and areas of focus.

Easy Access for Residents

The Dangerous Dog Registry is a useful and easily accessible tool that allows residents to locate where legally deemed dangerous dogs live within the City of San Antonio. The registry, which includes pictures of the dogs and is updated regularly as investigations are completed and verified by SAACS is available on an online platform alongside information on the City’s Dangerous and Aggressive Dog investigative process and a portal for residents interested in filing an affidavit.

Increasing San Antonio’s Canine Safety

San Antonio city is striving for greater safety measures to protect residents from dangerous dogs. This new update to the Dangerous Dog Registry is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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