San Antonio Entrepreneurship Booms as City and LiftFund Invest in Small Business Growth

"Entrepreneurs thriving in San Antonio"

San Antonio Entrepreneurship Booms as City and LiftFund Invest in Small Business Growth

By Tawny Davis

Small Business Surge in San Antonio

San Antonio has witnessed a remarkable surge in local businesses opening their doors over the past three years. The pandemic provided individuals with the opportunity to transform their hobbies into flourishing business ventures. Prior to the pandemic, there were approximately 175,000 new business applications, a number that has more than doubled to over 400,000 in 2023.

Local Support for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Stephanie Scheller, founder of Grow Disrupt, organizes “grow your business” retreats and conferences for ADHD entrepreneurs. She is optimistic about the city’s future given the significant increase in small businesses. Scheller noted, “In one sense, the pandemic was really good for that. San Antonio has always been a hub for small businesses, with a plethora of mom-and-pop shops and small enterprises.”

City Initiatives to Foster Small Business Growth

The city of San Antonio is actively supporting small businesses through initiatives like the Zero Percent Interest Loan Program, which aims to fuel entrepreneurship in the region. Ana Bradshaw, assistant director of economic development, emphasized the importance of these businesses to the community’s economic vitality. A partnership with LiftFund will inject $2 million into the program over two years, offering interest-free loans ranging from $500 to $100,000.

LiftFund’s Commitment to Small Businesses

Martha Zurita, chief communications and advancement officer at LiftFund, underscored the organization’s dedication to funding small businesses due to their immense value to the community. Small businesses play a pivotal role in employment, sales tax revenue generation, and local product and service offerings, enriching the economy and community at large.

Accessing Program Information

For more details about the Zero Percent Interest Loan Program, interested individuals can visit the official program page for additional information and application procedures.

If you have an innovative business idea or are looking to expand your existing small enterprise, now is the time to capitalize on the resources and support available through HERE NEWS and LiftFund. Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to the vibrant economic landscape of the city.

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