San Antonio Leaders Travel to Europe to Cultivate Business Relationships

San Antonio business diplomacy.

San Antonio Leaders Travel to Europe to Cultivate Business Relationships

San Antonio Leaders Embark on a European Business Expedition

Building Bridges: Strengthening International Ties

In a bid to fortify their existing international business relations and foster new ones, a delegation of esteemed San Antonio leaders made a strategic journey to Europe. The voyage aimed at showcasing San Antonio as an attractive location for global companies looking to expand their horizons and establish a base in the United States.

Advancing San Antonio’s Global Footprint

Jamie Lutrell, the Vice President of Brand and Communications at Greater: SATX, expressed the objective of the mission, “Our main purpose is to ensure that companies worldwide are aware that San Antonio is an ideal place not just to reside, but to expand and nurture a business.” This collective endeavor to promote the city as a perfect setting for businesses is led by the team at Greater: SATX, a public-private conglomerate committed to generating quality, high-wage jobs in the San Antonio region.

Economic Diplomacy: London and Frankfurt

San Antonio officials voyaged to prominent European cities- London and Frankfurt, targeting to maintain and nurture their existing business contacts in those countries and also to attract more international commerce to San Antonio. Lutrell shed light on the team’s focus areas, revealing that they are not restricted to business recruitment but also encompass aiding local businesses flourish in San Antonio. The sectors targeted range from cyber security, life sciences, advanced manufacturing to financial services, and headquarter operations.

Texas Governor’s European Tour: A Positive Impact

Texas Government representative, Governor Greg Abbott, also recently embarked on a European tour with the purpose of strengthening the economic ties between the UK and Texas. Lutrell reinforced the significance of Governor Abbott’s travels, stating that they certainly play a role in fostering business relations. “It sends across a clear message that Texas is open for business and is one of the most favourable states for commerce,” added Lutrell.

Air Connectivity Boosts Business Relations

Lutrell emphasized the importance of this direct flight between San Antonio and Frankfurt, indicating it to be a crucial factor for attracting business, as companies keen on expansion seek efficient connectivity to facilitate their operations.

The Ripple Effect: Positive Impact on the City

This quest to bring in more international businesses has the potential to create a ripple effect that would significantly benefit the entire city. Greater: SATX is already reaping the rewards with UK based company JCB establishing a base in San Antonio, planning to add over 1500 jobs. This is expected to trigger further investment in the city as suppliers and service providers move in to support JCB’s expansion.

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