San Antonio Retains its Top Spot among Best U.S. Cities for Tech Workers

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San Antonio Retains its Top Spot among Best U.S. Cities for Tech Workers

San Antonio Retains its Top Spot among Best U.S. Cities for Tech Workers

San Antonio holds its position amongst the top 20 in the United States for technology professionals, according to a recent study conducted by online security gurus, Cloudwards. The city’s growing technology sector, affordability, and robust internet infrastructure make it a desirable destination for tech professionals, ranking it as the 18th best tech city in the country.

The Cloudwards Study

The study, “The Top Tech Cities in the US: Ranking 100 Cities in 2024,” evaluated 100 tech-centric U.S. cities based on 17 key metrics. These metrics included tech job opportunities, salaries for IT professionals, cost of living, internet quality, and the presence of tech-related companies among others.

San Antonio’s Standings in Key Metrics

San Antonio fared impressively well in several categories, holding the 19th position in Career and Education, 11th in Internet Coverage and Quality, and 21st in Tech Community. Its less impressive performance appeared in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category, where it placed 72nd, and in the Cost of Living and Tech Salaries, where it took the 56th position. Despite these lesser rankings, San Antonio’s overall performance was commendable.

How Texas Cities Fared

The suburbs of Dallas, namely Plano and Frisco, outperformed most Texas cities, clinching the fourth and tenth ranks respectively. Austin also performed well, landing the firm seventh place in the rankings. The success of these cities could serve as inspiration for San Antonio’s continuous improvement in the tech arena.

Key Findings and National Rankings

The top five tech-savvy cities in the U.S., as disclosed by the report, are New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Plano, and Jersey City. The study noted that despite the increasing cost of living and real estate prices in Austin, the city’s distinct culture and excellent work-life balance continue to draw IT professionals.

Internet Infrastructure: A Make-or-Break Factor

As remote work becomes more pervasive, quality internet infrastructure has emerged as a critical factor for tech workers. The study found that San Antonio was in good stead with 96% of households having access to the internet, a critical advantage to boost the city’s attractiveness to tech professionals.

San Antonio: A Promising Hub for Tech Talent

While there is room for growth, particularly in the arenas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and tech salaries, San Antonio’s place among the top 20 tech cities is a testament to the city’s progress as a vibrant tech hub. The focus now lies on enhancing innovation and tech salaries to attract a larger pool of tech talent to the city, helping it rise in the rankings in the years to come.

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