San Antonio Window Company Owner Sentenced in Thefts Case

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San Antonio Window Company Owner Sentenced in Thefts Case

James Hunter Townsend Avoids Jail-Time But Will Pay Restitution in Felony Theft Case

San Antonio, TX – James Hunter Townsend, a local window replacement company owner who was indicted for felony theft with a repeat offender enhancement, has managed to avoid prison. He was sentenced last week to three years of probation after pleading no contest to the charges. In addition to his probation, he has also been ordered to pay a restitution of over $11,000 as part of an agreement with Bexar County prosecutors.

Business Shut Without Notice

Townsend owned and operated the Republic of Texas Window Company and was reportedly accepting substantial deposits from more than 20 customers in San Antonio as well as the neighboring regions. However, he allegedly closed the business without warning over two years ago. Criminal complaints against him started surfacing in May of 2022 from dissatisfied customers, and they were filed with several counties’ law enforcement agencies as well as with the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

No Formal Charge in Other Jurisdictions

Despite the various complaints lodged in different counties, there have been no reports of formal charges against Townsend in any of these jurisdictions. He was arrested late January in Kendall County on the grounds of the Bexar County theft warrant and pleaded no contest on May 30. Further attempts to contact Townsend’s lawyer for comments were unsuccessful as calls went straight to voicemail.

Background of Legal Trouble

Townsend’s criminal history in Texas, unknown to customers, is not a brief one. Past charges include criminal mischief, misdemeanor theft of property, felony theft, forgery, and felony family violence. He was first convicted of felony property theft in Cameron County in 2010, which was followed by a conviction of felony forgery in Nueces County in 2011. In that same year, Townsend was convicted for assaulting a family member twice within a span of twelve months. This charge landed him a two-year sentence. In late 2013, he was again convicted of felony property theft in Travis County.

Townsend Claims Fear of Threats Prompted Departure

When asked back in the summer of 2022 about his sudden disappearance, Townsend claimed that threats made to him and his wife forced them to leave town. Stating that the situation they were in had become threatening, they were wary of disgruntled customers scaring their children at home.

Future Outlook

As it stands, Townsend must follow the terms of his probation and make the ordered restitution payments. With public records now widely accessible, customers are urged to do their due diligence in researching a company’s history before engaging in business, particularly for significant financial investments.

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